Sunday, May 30, 2010

Arts/Craft Photo Project 2010 by Tom Dinning

The main objective of the Art/Craft Project 2010 is to gather information on the artists and crafts people of Darwin and its surrounds and to present that information in a variety of forms including a book showcasing a selection of the artists/crafts people and their art/craft, a web site exhibiting a more extensive selection and a physical exhibition combining the work of the artist/crafts people with the images collected during the projects progress.

About this blog

I make no promises. This blog will be a collection of my daily activities and thoughts as the contents of this project evolve. I will post photographs and content for you and I both to reflect on. Feel free to comment. This project is about people so be constructive and considerate in your comments. If you have the urge to say something offensive, write to your local member of parliament.
About this project.
There are a few things in this project that are well defined and there are just as many that are yet to be. One of the reasons for establishing this blog is to allow all the people who become part of the project to have an input and make a contribution to the final outcome.
The ideas that went together to result in the establishment of this project came from a variety of sources and over a period of time. Since ideas continue to flow and time continues to pass, it can be assumed that the concepts that drive the project are still ‘ a work in progress’. Why, even the title is, at this stage, a tag more than a name. At least I have a folder name for my hard drive into which I can file everything.
But there are some things that are clear. Well, somewhat clear; something akin to purchasing the latest iphone and knowing that it can make calls but how that is achieved is yet to be determined. And like the dreaded iphone, there are some functions that will be revealed in the fullness of time and there are some applications that will remain a total mystery.
There are 3 major outcomes I expect to achieve at some time over the next 12 months, none of which is a priority. Each outcome is as important as the rest. They are meant to inter-twine with, complement and harmonise with eah other into a total concept

The Book.

Most people like books. Someone once said ‘ If you want to read a good book, write it yourself’, so I am, hopefully. Time will tell. Someone else said ‘To take a good photograph you need to be in the right place at the right time.’ So, to help me write the best book I possibly can, I am starting with ‘the right place and time’, translated metaphorically into ‘nice people doing great work’. Since the original idea came from a way of expressing myself photographically in a meaningful way, the book will contain lots of photographs with commentary and a reference section providing data on the artists/ crafts people who volunteer their time and self.

The web site.

This will be an expanded version of the book but with greater scope and lots of links to other sites. The great thing about a web site is that it can be updated at any time.

The Exhibition.

Since this project had its origins as a photography project I will endeavour to present the best of the images collected over the course of the project as an exhibition. I can also envisage those who contribute to the book and website to present their own work as part of the exhibition.

Some of the skeptics out there might be a bit nervous about participating. Let me assure you, no image or content will be published without considerable scrutiny by you and me. Now, I can’t help how you look and I will do my best to find your best side but ultimately it will be up to nature and the camera to decide; although, Photoshop can do wonderful things.
As to the cost, I am bearing any costs involved. As the project unfolds, images will be for sale. Some of you might find them of some use for your own promotional work.